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Confidence in our design,
materials and care in
manufacturing and installation
is reflected in our
10-year warranty.

FLR Crop Drying is a brand
of Flach & Le-Roy Ltd

Retaining Walls

Self Shedding Walling

FLR self-shedding walling is constructed using stress-graded timber with hardwood or softwood ply cladding. Wall storage heights range between 2.44 metres up to 3.66 metres or customized for higher crop fill. The walling is designed for maximum strength to accommodate level or surcharge fill, Double-sided walling is available to enable crop division.

Post and Panel Walling

FLR post and panel walling is supplied either single sided for loading on one side only or on both sides as a crop divider. Plywood clad panels are supported by steel posts set either directly into concrete or in a socket for ease of removal. Socket caps and column skirts prevent the sockets filling with grain. Single sided panels are clipped to the storage side of steel posts whereas double-sided panels slide down between the post flanges. Double-sided panels can be supplied with lifting eyes for ease of removal. Storage heights range between 2.44m to 3.66m level fill and surcharge. We can also supply one-off designs to greater or lesser heights.

Doorway Barriers

FLR doorway barriers are a cost effective way of increasing the capacity of a new or converted crop store. Plywood panels are fixed with clips to the store side face of the supporting steel so they do not have to be lifted to the full height of the barrier for removal. Barriers can be supplied with either pressure relief slides or full width louvered base sections to relieve grain pressure prior to panel removal.

FLR self-shedding walling is the ideal choice for a fixed barrier where there is an existing concrete floor as it requires no foundations. Under Floor Sealing
Self Installation

Self Installation

If you choose DIY installation, we will calculate and supply everything, from timber, ply-cladding, walkway structure, access ladders and steel anchor brackets with expansion bolts to the hire of specialist equipment and one day’s training to get you started.

Expert Installation

Alternatively, a full installation service is available. Our skilled, experienced teams work quickly and efficiently to a high standard of finish.

Expert Installation
Quality and Customer Service

Quality and Customer Service

Flexibility is one of our key assets. We provide a bespoke service, with products designed, manufactured and specified to each customer’s individual requirements. Having assessed what is right for you, your farm buildings and your investment, we will deliver a solution that guarantees both quality, value and expert help when you need it.