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FLR Crop Drying is a brand
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Fans, Burners & Controls

In general, ventilating cereals in bulk with 100 cubic feet per minute per ton airflow at the correct relative humidity level will reduce the grain moisture content by up to 0.5% over 24 hours. Typically, therefore, a 30Kw centrifugal fan will be suitable for drying a 300-ton batch of grain when specified at the correct operating pressure.

Historically fan-drying rates have been dependent on a number of factors, e.g. air temperature and relative humidity, seed/chip size and initial moisture content. However, to provide the capability to handle the throughput of modern machinery, we take account of the customer’s anticipated floor-loading rates and storage depth when we recommend fan sizes.

For woodchip applications a 25hp centrifugal fan with inverter speed control would typically support a 200kw biomass boiler & heat exchanger system drying 40 tonnes of woodchip at 1.5m deep from 40% to 25% over a 2 to 3 day period.

We supply and install a wide range of centrifugal and axial-flow fans, from low-pressure axial units used for drying vegetable crops/chips to high-pressure centrifugal and multi-stage axial fans used for drying cereals and seed crops. All our fans can be delivered complete with wire guards, silencers, mounting feet, bellmouth entries and dampers as required.

Our fan controllers provide intermittent fan operation by sensing air temperature and/or air relative humidity and controls the drying fan within pre-set limits. An upgraded version is available which operates continuously and controls a fully modulated gas heater.

Industrial specification positive pressure burners, which maintain the high levels of safety associated with permanent burners, but without imposing any pressure differential on the main fan. Our industrial specification burners are supplied as standard, complete with electronic temperature/humidity controller, galvanized steel casings, pressure regulator, auto-pilot start, twin main flame solenoids, modulating valve, power failure protection, fan failure protection, overheat thermostat and flame failure protection. Under Floor Sealing
Self Installation Our automatic control panels can be supplied complete with door interlocking isolators, fan contactors, fan selector switches, remote stop terminals, louvre controls fan-run hours-meter, time clocks, thermostatically controlled panel anti-condensation heater and interlocked burner electrical supply terminals or sockets. All circuits are protected by modern circuit breaker technology.
Quality and Customer Service

Quality and Customer Service

Flexibility is one of our key assets. We provide a bespoke service, with products designed, manufactured and specified to each customer’s individual requirements. Having assessed what is right for you, your farm buildings and your investment, we will deliver a solution that guarantees both quality, value and expert help when you need it.