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Drying Performance

How fast, typically, can I dry my grain on a drive-on- floor?


  1. This depends on several factors including (1) the crop type, (2) the initial moisture content (it is much quicker to dry from 20 to 17 than 17 to 14% moisture content (MC) due to it being more difficult to get the moisture out of drier grain), (3) the crop depth, (4) the ambient temperature & relative humidity.
  2. A general rule of thumb is ½% per 24 hours ventilating with the correct airflow at the correct humidity.
  3. Ambient temperature, however, is an influencing factor, i.e. the cooler the air the lower its “moisture carrying capacity”, so that air at 5 deg C and at 65% RH will have one quarter of the drying effect of air at 20 deg C at 65% RH! Therefore it pays to get the crop dry before the ambient temperature falls in the autumn.
  4. The introduction of a gas heater once moisture content is below 18% will increase the potential drying rate by a factor of three.
  5. Without heat the ambient RH may be suitable for drying for only 8 hrs a day whereas with heat (or dehumidification) the RH can be maintained at the required level 24hrs/day.